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  • The industry-leading group purchasing organization for building service contractors

    National Service Alliance (NSA) is the industry-leading group purchasing organization for building service contractors (BSCs) and related businesses in the United States. Collectively, NSA represents over $1.7B in member revenues, giving NSA significant leverage when negotiating national contracts directly with manufacturers and service providers. NSA members receive contractually protected pricing and can continue to purchase consumables from their loyal and trusted distributors — saving money without disrupting their established supply chain or retraining site personnel. Members can also benefit from the tremendous purchasing power of the group and purchase a wide-variety of equipment and services directly from the manufacturer or service provider, eliminating the often substantial distributor markup.

  • Bid and service jobs more profitably

    Maximizing purchases through NSA contracts, members can be competitive with the largest BSCs and offer the best value to their demanding customers. NSA’s strategic vendors offer products and services that help your business save time and money. Order control and reporting tools help you monitor and manage your spend, ensuring that each job stays within budget. When you know the true cost of consumables, you can bid and service jobs more profitably. Members have access to extensive training tools and webinars designed to improve employee productivity, ensuring greater profitability. NSA sponsored meetings give you an opportunity to share experiences and network with your peers. The small investment in membership can pay big dividends through significant savings and year-end rebates.

  • Save 50% or more off MSRP on consumables, equipment and services

    Members can save 50% or more off MSRP on consumables, equipment and services. The NSA team works with the partners to monitor product use and ensure members get the best value for the goods and services they need to run their business. Prior to joining, a dedicated NSA representative will perform an initial cost analysis for your business and project the savings you should realize. Once you join, your representative will guide you through the process to make sure you receive the NSA pricing from your preferred consumables distributors and that you have access to the direct pricing from NSA’s equipment and services partners. Your representative will continue to work with your company to ensure that you maximize savings and overall program benefits.

  • Results are guaranteed or your money back

    We are so confident your company will save money that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after your first year of participation, NSA will refund the cost of your annual membership.

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