"NSA provides the purchasing power we need to be competitive in today’s market. It’s vital to realize every cost advantage possible and NSA is a key partner for us in this effort."

Guy Mingo, Marsden Holding, St. Paul, MN

Why GPOs Benefit the Entire Professional Cleaning Industry

While relatively new to the professional cleaning industry, group purchasing organizations, commonly known as GPOs, have been around for more than a century serving different industries. Unlike a buying group, a GPO does not actually purchase products.  Instead, it acts as an agent, negotiating special pricing on a variety of products and equipment on behalf of its members. Read More


National Service Alliance is the industry-leading group purchasing organization for building service contractors and related businesses in the United States. 

Members benefit from the tremendous purchasing power of the group and enjoy contractually protected pricing on a wide variety of equipment and services, saving money without disrupting their established supply chain or retraining site personnel.

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From Maintenance Costs to Savings Vault (IFMA - May/June 2016)  Unless a facility management organization is a member of a group purchasing organization, it may not benefitt from supply cost savings directly. However, facility managers certainly can benefit from GPOs indirectly by hiring a cleaning contractor that is a member of a GPO.  Read More

In-house cleaning employees, outsourcing cleaning services present different advantages (May 2016)  
Many cleaning employees in government, known as in-house workers, are excellent workers. But there is also the view of many facility managers who have switched from hiring employees to outsourcing...  Read More

How can I reduce cleaning costs at my facility? (May 2016)  Reducing cleaning costs is a common goal for facility managers and cleaning contractors. Traditionally, the focus is on minimizing labor expenditures, but reducing cleaning supply costs can also prove to be a major savings.  Read More

Reducing Employee Turnover is Just Smart Business (May 2016)  Many industries experience heavy employee turnover in good economic times and bad. In some service industries, it can run anywhere from 75 percent to as much as 400 percent.   Read More

How Industrial Distributors Can Use Product Mapping

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