"NSA provides the purchasing power we need to be competitive in today’s market. It’s vital to realize every cost advantage possible and NSA is a key partner for us in this effort."

Guy Mingo, Marsden Holding, St. Paul, MN

Why GPOs Benefit the Entire Professional Cleaning Industry

While relatively new to the professional cleaning industry, group purchasing organizations, commonly known as GPOs, have been around for more than a century serving different industries. Unlike a buying group, a GPO does not actually purchase products.  Instead, it acts as an agent, negotiating special pricing on a variety of products and equipment on behalf of its members. Read More


National Service Alliance (NSA) is the premier Group Purchasing Organization for the Building Service Contractors (BSC) and Contract Cleaners.  Established in 1996, the NSA's significant growth now represents more than $3.6B in member revenues.  NSA's aggregated purchasing power creates a significant advantage when establishing national contracts with a network of industry leading manufacturers, business service providers and national distribution partners.  Through deeply discounted sourcing programs, NSA members receive substantial savings with their consumables, equipment and services.  

With a comprehensive data analytics program, the NSA - Member Services Team drives enhanced savings for all members with customized solutions in the following areas:

·  Reporting Accuracy

·  Improved Contract Compliance

·  Price File Audits

·  Bundle Rationalization / Spend        Management

  • Industry Bench-marking

White Papers

Cleaning High Density Workspaces >>Full Report

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National Service Alliance Announces New Logo!!

 National Service Alliance (NSA) unveils new logo focusing on our commitment to   deliver unsurpassed value for NSA Members, and our approved Manufacturer &   Distributor Partners. 

 The three rings that encompass NSA symbolize the core elements of our   organization.

               1.NSA Members 

     2.Manufacturer Partners 

     3.Distributor Partners 

 Michael Conrad, President of the NSA, says, “You’ll notice on the right side of our   logo, the separated rings represent a typical relationship between Building Service   Contractors and their chosen suppliers.  As these rings move to the left, they are in   complete alignment, which is our goal to bring our members and partners together   creating a cohesive partnership that delivers industry best value. We are thrilled   with the new look of NSA and extremely excited about the future”. 

 In addition to our new look, we’re on a mission to stay connected and announce our   social media kickoff. You can follow us on the social media platforms below. Click   the icons below to follow our pages.

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NSA in the News: 

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How Can I  Reduce Cleaning Cost at My Facility?

Reducing cleaning costs is a common goal for facility managers and cleaning contractors. Traditionally, the focus is on minimizing labor expenditures, but reducing cleaning supply costs can also prove to be a major savings.

With this in mind, the National Service Alliance (NSA), a group purchasing organization that helps larger cleaning contractors reduce their costs for cleaning equipment and supplies, suggests the following 10 ways facility managers can help reduce their cleaning supply costs: Read More

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