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    The severity of this year’s flu season has been making headlines. One recent headline focused on the impact the flu could have on workplace productivity. According to this report, this year’s flu season will cost employers nearly $10 billion based on lost productivity alone....

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About NSA

National Service Alliance (NSA) is the premier Group Purchasing Organization for the Building Service Contractors (BSC) and Contract Cleaners. Established in 1996, the NSA's significant growth now represents more than $3.6B in member revenues. NSA's aggregated purchasing power creates a significant advantage when establishing national contracts with a network of industry leading manufacturers, business service providers and national distribution partners. Through deeply discounted sourcing programs, NSA members receive substantial savings with their consumables, equipment and services.

With a comprehensive data analytics program, the NSA - Member Services Team drives enhanced savings for all members with customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Reporting Accuracy
  • Improved Contract Compliance
  • Price File Audits
  • Bundle Rationalization/Spend Management
  • Industry Bench-marking

NSA Membership Requirements

  • BSC in Commercial or Industrial Cleaning
  • At least $2 Million in Annual Revenue
  • Business Model with a Maximum of 10% Subcontracting
  • Good Business Practices

Why GPOs Benefit the Entire Professional Cleaning Industry

While relatively new to the professional cleaning industry, group purchasing organizations, commonly known as GPOs, have been around for more than a century serving different industries. Unlike a buying group, a GPO does not actually purchase products. Instead, it acts as an agent, negotiating special pricing on a variety of products and equipment on behalf of its members. Read More