Membership Benefits

As a member of NSA you will:

  • Be a member of the industry-leading group purchasing organization for BSCs, representing $3.7B in combined revenues.
  • Save on consumables, equipment and services.
  • Earn rebates directly from select manufacturers.
  • Maximize purchases through NSA contracts and be able to bid more competitively.
  • Receive contract pricing and continue to purchase consumables and supplies from your established distributor.
  • Purchase a wide variety of equipment and services directly from the manufacturer or service provider at substantial savings.
  • Gain access to extensive training tools and webinars that help you and your employees be more productive.
  • Participate in sponsored meetings to share best practices and network with peers.
  • Occasionally test new products, engage in brainstorming sessions and collaborate on development of new technology.
  • Have access to order control and reporting tools to monitor your spend, ensuring that each job stays within budget.
  • Be assigned a dedicated NSA representative who will guide you through the process to ensure you receive the contract pricing.


  • ** Refund Policy: Even after you join, NSA will guarantee that if you do not save at least the equivalent of your $3000 membership fee in your first year, we will gladly refund your fee and terminate your membership.